How’s Your Mindset?

So Happy New Year! I know it’s been a while since I posted. It’s not that I haven’t had any bloggable thoughts, but rather that I have been lazy. In any case, I had something semi-interesting happen today at lunch time. I was having lunch at Subway when a Police officer walked in (they need to eat too it turns out). Anyway, you could feel the atmosphere change in the room (my state of mind certainly changed). It’s obvious why: he (it was a male in this case) has the power to arrest, hurt and even kill you. Not that he will of course (after all, you’ve done nothing wrong — at least not that he knows about), but that doesn’t change that fact that your mindset and even behaviour are altered when you are around those with visible power. So here comes my thought: how would we feel and act if God were in the room with us? I suppose it depends on our perception of what God is like. Of course, God is omnipresent and so is in the room at all times, it’s just that we cannot sense God’s presence. Perhaps not a new thought, but something to think about.

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