Music as the rudder of your mood

For me, music is one of those few precious things that touches the very core of my being. So naturally when I want to feel understood, when I desperately need to know in my bones that someone truly understands me, I reach for a tune that deeply resonates with my current mood. I once tracked down a musician to let him know that he had truly reached me with a composition of his. He said he was glad and thanked me for contacting him. But here’s the lesson I’ve learned — instead of always letting my mood determine my music, I now purposely pick some music to steer my mood in a more positive direction. This works and I have found it to be a helpful insight. This is not to say that you should constantly be overriding your moods, it is just to say that you have a choice — you can take the wheel of your moods. If you are constantly having to override your mood you will of course want to get at the root of the problem. I welcome your comments and feedback.