Raising the Dead in the Corporate World

So I’m beginning to catch the vision of what my new career will be. Do these comics speak to you? In my previous job, there were the things that I got paid to do and there were the activities that I led on my own time. While I appreciate the opportunities I was given in the paid part of my job and genuinely did enjoy some aspects of them, that work did not truly fire my soul. It was the unpaid activities that gave me real joy. These things stretched people and gave them happiness. Life is too short to be the living dead at work. Now of course I realize that not everyone feels like that all the time (I know I didn’t) but I think that many in the corporate world do — and I want to help change that. I was doing that to some degree at my former work and now I have the chance to do that at many work places. What are your thoughts? What do you think I could do? If something I have done has helped you, please let me know — I’m looking for a few good quotes that I can use to help promote my services in my new role. Doing my best to make this world a better place with the gifts I have. Thanks!


The other day I had two thoughts about reaching my goals:

  1. Things take work (I have to put effort into things if I ever hope to see them happen.)
  2. Not everything works (Just because I put effort into something doesn’t mean it will succeed.)

Now of course these are obvious facts but it was a bit of a revelation or epiphany to me. I am very lazy and so I tend to get stuck at number 1. I am also easily discouraged and so I get hung up at number 2 as well. I still have dreams and goals like everybody but so many of them have remained eternally frustrate because of these two facts. I figure I need to believe in myself and that will hopefully lead to others believing in me which will then propel me to sustained action. I really do believe some of my dreams are awesome. I just want more of them to see the light of day.