From an inner threat to an outer(space) one!

I just got back from a three day stay in the hospital. It turned out that I had a (very painful) case of Acute Sigmoid Diverticulitis (the inner threat). While I was there my wife bought me an astronomy magazine to help pass the time (it turns out that hospitals are very boring places). One article in particular caught my eye — it was about a solar flare that impacted earth satellites. This happens all the time of course but this one was very different — it was not caused by our sun , but from one 45,000 light years away. This article details the incident nicely. That’s not the worst threat however, my magazine went on like this:

Truly dangerous sources

Somewhere within our galaxy lies a handful of future gamma-ray bursters. These are invisible until the moment each erupts in a beamed blast of energy so strong it is capable — even from 3,000 light-years away — of wiping out all life on Earth. Scientists blame the almost instantaneous collapse of a massive star into a black hole as the prime cause for most gamma ray bursts (See “In the line of fire,” Astronomy, January 2004.)

The Universe is a much scarier place than I had ever previously imagined.

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  1. This is way too cool info. Terry for years was concerned about this threat and has ‘studied’ this phenomenom. I brought him over to the ‘bright’ side of thinking that… shit happens that we can not control.. and that’s OK. Now it’s just interresting information that we like to research about (mostly on the Discovery channel!)

    I know that you are feeling better and we all thank God and your power of healing!


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