The super hero meme

One of the big problems with our (and other) cultures, in my opinion, is the deeply ingrained “super hero” mythos / meme. We can see this exemplified in the huge popularity of super hero films (Batman, Spiderman, Superman) and in certain religious figures (Krishna, Jesus, Muhammad). Now I’m not going to delve into whether or not these latter “heroes” were all they are purported to be. My point is that the mindset of “some champion is going to come and save us all from the mess we’ve made for ourselves” is fundamentally an unhelpful one. When you look at Nature, what do you see? How does change come about? For example, (with the very rare exception) the mountains are not worn down by one big event (i.e. a volcano blowing its top) but by multitudinous individual drops of rain. The message here is that power comes from many acting together, rather than a single super-one acting alone. If we are ever going to dig ourselves out of the hole we’re in (pick your favourite current crisis) we will need to do so together.

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2 thoughts on “The super hero meme”

  1. I like your point, Chris.

    Maybe that’s why I never had an interest in watching these super hero types of movies…

    I know a lot of my friends love these…simply because these heroes show the power and strength every boy likes. I guess these characters represent most boys’ childhood dreams…instead of fixing human beings’ messes.

  2. Some people may think that way, but to say that this is a big problem with our culture is overstating it somewhat.

    We do have huge problems. For example, there is not one single Tim Hortons along the first 25 kilometers I take to get home from work. Now THAT’S a problem.

    Most people do know that there will be no white knight coming along to save us, and that we will all have to participate in some way once the direction is shown.

    That’s what I think. However, well, you know, I don’t get out much.

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