Ridiculously overpriced and engineered to break

Last night the door handle on my microwave broke. Shit! That’s going to be a pain to repair. I go online and see that Amazon has it for about $60 unit + $40 shipping = $100 total. Keep in mind the oven was $370 new at the store.

I then read some of the reviews. I totally agree with these two: engineered to break and ridiculously over-priced:

I then thought that guy is right: Ebay to the rescue! $60 + 25 = $85. <sarcasm>Cool, I save $15 bucks! </sarcasm>

OK, but Vancouver must have a local store that sells stuff like this? Yes, yes it does: $200! Unfuckingbelievable.

Is this what our society has come to? Do we have no recourse to this insanity? Our planet is choking in plastic waste.

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