Vancouver Bikes Grind Guatemala Corn

So here I am with my first bit of truly good, nay great news: Vancouver Bikes Grind Guatemala Corn

In small Cakchiquel and Quiche villages in the highlands of Guatemala there is a new way to grind corn, thanks in part to the staff and volunteers of Our Community Bikes. What, you may well ask, is OCB doing in Guatemala?Un poco historia…

See here for the full story.


There are two kinds of useful news:

  • Good news, because it lightens your spirit and encourages you.
  • Bad news that you can do something(1) about, because it gives you an opportunity to help change things for the better

Unfortunately, 99% of the news you hear is of the non-useful variety (i.e. Bad news that disheartens(2) you and that you can do nothing(3) about). And the truly sad part is that finding good news is a real chore. Many times I have looked for good news on the internet only to discover that the news is either:

  • some frivolous nonsense
  • closely linked to some horrible news (you know what I mean…)
  • not my definition of good news (often closer to bad news, according to my world view)

So because of this, I will try to only post useful news on this site. When I post bad news, I will give pointers on what practical things you can do to help changes things for the better. I will strive to also frequently post genuinely good news.

Thanks for reading…


(1) Either directly or indirectly

(2) and also makes you numb and/or callous

(3) Or very little