There are two kinds of useful news:

  • Good news, because it lightens your spirit and encourages you.
  • Bad news that you can do something(1) about, because it gives you an opportunity to help change things for the better

Unfortunately, 99% of the news you hear is of the non-useful variety (i.e. Bad news that disheartens(2) you and that you can do nothing(3) about). And the truly sad part is that finding good news is a real chore. Many times I have looked for good news on the internet only to discover that the news is either:

  • some frivolous nonsense
  • closely linked to some horrible news (you know what I mean…)
  • not my definition of good news (often closer to bad news, according to my world view)

So because of this, I will try to only post useful news on this site. When I post bad news, I will give pointers on what practical things you can do to help changes things for the better. I will strive to also frequently post genuinely good news.

Thanks for reading…


(1) Either directly or indirectly

(2) and also makes you numb and/or callous

(3) Or very little

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