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A recent study asked people what their favourite word was. They came up with a list of 70 words with the top five being:

1 Mother
2 Passion
3 Smile
4 Love
5 Eternity

I’ve always wanted to create an automated poetry program and this was the impetus to do so. It’s a simple Perl script that has the full list of seventy words, organized by parts of speech. It creates sentences from templates. It is still pretty rudimentary but here are the results of a few test runs:

The Aqua Paradox Loved the Shipshape Renaissance.
You have an Umbrella only a Galaxy could Tickle.
The Hilarious Sunshine Loved the Cute Eternity.
I Flip-flop inside when I see a Gothic Mother.
The Cute Hippopotamus Cherished the Fantastic Night.
Some Gazebos are better than any Shipshape Explosion.
The Cosy Eternity Flip-floped the Blue Coconut.
The Gorgeous Giggle Twinkled the Hilarious Explosion.

I know computer poetry has been around for a while now but it just got a little better with the help of this survey!

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