Jobs I’ve had

I saw a very eclectic list of jobs one of my FB friends has had and got inspired to jot down my own list. Here it is for your amusement:

  • Coffee shop volunteer – Riverside Hospital (age 12)
  • Ice cream sales – Dickie Dee (age 13)
  • Short order cook – Steak & Burger
  • Transformer winder – Filtran Ltd.
  • Clean room cleaner – Nortel (I did this job for 1 shift and then quit)
  • Roof truss quad-saw unloader – Steenbakkers Lumber
  • Kids camp cabin leader – Pioneer Camps
  • Youth group leader – Bethany Baptist
  • IT support – Health & Welfare Canada
  • Event videographer – FOIP conference
  • Telemarketer – [forget where] (I did this job for 15 minutes and then quit)
  • Door to door sales – STN
  • Computer programmer – MDA, Telos Ltd, Crystal Decisions, Business Objects
  • Laughter leader – Universal Laughter
  • Career Exploration program facilitator – Transitions Inc.
  • Human Resources assistant – Atira Property Management

CBC radio had a call in show and the topic that day was “worst job ever.” I got on air and told them about my short stint as a “clean room cleaner.” What are some strange jobs that you’ve held?

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