How to achieve bliss without drugs

Today I was reading the comments to a post about an interesting technology. The technology the post describes is about evoking pleasure by Electrical Stimulation of the Brain (ESB). The comment that caught my attention was this:

I must admit, sometimes I would just love to throw it all away, plug myself to some machine and only for a moment, forget about all my current issues.

And this got me to thinking, “You know there is another way to achieve this.” The other way that I was thinking about was meditation. The problem with meditation of course is that it is difficult to practice (for a multitude of reasons.) The beauty of meditation is that, because it is difficult to practice, we as a society are unlikely to forgo all our responsibilities to constantly pursue it. If this same euphoria is made available at the press of a button however, it has been shown that even food is passed up for the pleasurable feeling, eventually leading to starvation.

See here for the original post and comments.

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1 thoughts on “How to achieve bliss without drugs”

  1. Hello Chris…

    I used to LOVE to meditate, but with reno’s going on I have no room… SOON!

    It is my way to release stress, focus on something else for a while, go deep within myself… Totally Relax.

    I really hate the fact that some people are twisting Yoga and meditation to suit their ‘Christian’ beliefs. You don’t have to practice Buddhism or other religions in order to properly relax, but Christians who don’t believe in the practice, but want to try it, are twisting it into a Christian thing by chanting lines of the bible. Hypocrites.

    Sorry for the rant… pick a picture in your head, a phrase, something that gives you pleasure in your mind & concentrate on it… set your timer because you can over do a good thing… totally relax by shutting off the phone and all distractions, get into a comfortable position without falling a sleep and practice your breathing.

    Breath in by counting to 5
    Hold your breath for a count of 5
    Exhale by a count of 5

    Concentrate on the way you breath… This is the key.

    Enjoy, relax, Nomostay.

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