Common Miracles

At first glance, the above may appear to be an oxymoron as, by definition, miracles are rare occurrences. There is another way to define them however, which is: miracles are (beneficial) events which cannot be explained1. By using this definition, miracles abound. To narrow the discussion, let’s pick a very common example: apples. How does an apple seed, which is about the size of this capital “O”2 cause many millions (or was that billions) of molecules to spontaneously organize themselves into not just an apple3 but in fact into an apple tree which in turn produces numerous apples over its lifespan. Part of what makes this a miracle is that apples are not just usefully for food, but they are (almost universally) considered to be tasty as well4. If this is not a miracle, I don’t know what is. I think the reason it is overlooked so routinely is because it is so, well, routine. This in no way takes away from its miraculousness. Just a thought from my brain to yours…


1. Sure there may be theories or partial explanations but when you get right down to it, the phenomenon remains essentially unexplainable.
2. At least on my screen. 😉
3. Which would be highly miraculous in itself!
4. As opposed to say Brussels sprouts for example.:-D

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