Changes following a near death experience

This is the list of changes that have been observed in people that have had a near death experience. This comes from Kenneth Ring's book "Lessons from the Light" which is availble at the Vancouver library and well worth the read…

  • Appreciation for Life – not taking life for granted
  • Self-Acceptance – increased feeling of self worth
  • Concern for Others – strong desire to help others
  • Reverence for Life – concern for all life on the planet and environmentalism
  • Anti-Materialism – less concerned with material gain
  • Anti-Competitiveness – less driven to achieve and more to help
  • Spirituality – embrace a universal and  inclusive spiritual belief system, less dogmatic
  • Quest for Knowledge – desire to learn more about how the universe works
  • Sense of Purpose – increased belief that their life is meaningful
  • No Fear of Death – loss of fear of death
  • Life after Death – belief in life after death, often including reincarnation
  • Belief in God – strong belief in a higher power, the Light being of Love

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