Apathy is not the answer

Apathy never solved anything. Together we are very powerful!


Our democracy is not perfect (far from it) but we risk losing what little we have with our apathy. Instead of complaining and doing nothing, let’s co-ordinate our voices like what is happening in Egypt. Let’s not wait till Harper turns into a Mubarak.


Some may say “Mubarak or Obama or Harper whats difference? Politicians are all the same thugs.”


I say “Only if the electorate let them be.” We can do more than just vote: we can protest, we can write letters, we can join a party, we can even run for office. This all was earned through much bloodshed. The powerful cannot stand against a united electorate.


I think Canada is a country worth saving. More importantly, I think this planet is worth saving.  People in power make bad choices when the masses are distracted or lazy or apathetic or uninformed.


“Shit!” you say, “You mean I gotta constantly earn my democracy?”


“Yes!” I say, “Suck it up and give ‘er!”

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