An embedded computer chip, coming to an arm near you!

Well it’s happening faster than I first thought it would, but let’s start with a history lesson: In the beginning was the UPC code. Then along came the RFID tag. Initially this was just used for tracking merchandise. Then, seeing as it was so very useful for tracking things, it was used on pets. Now it is being used to keep track of children. It’s only a (brief) matter of time before this becomes mandatory for all new infants. Don’t act surprised when it happens to your grandkids.


Not wanting to miss out on all the fun adults are getting them too. Why not join in on this exciting new fad while it’s still new and trendy!

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1 thoughts on “An embedded computer chip, coming to an arm near you!”

  1. I have been aware of the “chipping” scene for quite a long time. As soon as I learned about the “technology” in animals, I began to freak and thing “not already….it’s happening too fast”. Of course, everyone I bring up the subjec to says that I’m a “conspiracy theorist” . . . which isn’t the case! I go straight to Verichip’s website, Applied Digital, and HomeAgainID for the technolgy information that makes my blood boil and my sould cringe. “Give me Liberty, or give me death!” Check out my newly formed anti-chip group:

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